Lori, I can’t get clients.
This is harder than I thought…”
I felt my heart sink. 

I just got off another Facebook LIVE with super smart, qualified and ambitious practitioners and coaches and...  

...they were completely fed up with their lack of results. 

Their website wasn’t getting them clients.   
Their social media wasn’t working.
Their Facebook group had like, 75 people in it.

They’d just spent weeks creating a killer program.   
And nobody was buying it. 

I could tell they were at a breaking point where they’d have to make a decision whether to throw in the towel or...   

Figure out a way to get clients fast. Otherwise…  
They'd feel  like  a failure.

I completely resonated with their frustration.

I spent two long years growing my audience and figuring out how to get clients.

But that was back when organic reach was at an all-time high and it was easy to stand out from the crowd. All you had to do back then was put up a Facebook post and almost everyone you were connected to saw it and commented on it. Those were the days…

Then they changed the algorithm and organic reach all but disappeared. 

And it took our ability to get clients with it.

No clients meant no income. 

Given that I was financially responsible for my family, not having a steady stream of clients wasn’t an option. So I had to figure out another way to get in front of the people I most wanted to work with so I could get a consistent flow of clients.  

So, ya… I totally understood their frustration at not being able to grow their audience and get clients. 

Little did I know that the ‘algorithm change’ would become the best thing that ever happened to my business. 

It forced me to do something I had no prior knowledge of or experience doing. 

The algorithm change helped me to discover a new approach to advertising entirely -- a new way to get in front of the people I wanted to help and to get them to become clients.

It created such an abundant flow of qualified prospects begging to work with me that I had a wait list a month long. Whenever a spot opened up, all I had to do was let my audience know and bam… a new client.  

That’s when I realized I never had to worry about struggling to get clients ever again.
So I went to work learning this new method of advertising and lead gen so that I could master it before teaching it to my clients. 

Pretty quickly I was growing my audience by hundreds each month and running 6-figure launches.

All with the same repeatable approach and framework. 

Not just once like it was a fluke. 

Not just twice like it was luck. 

Over and over again, like clockwork. Day in and day out. 

Attract The People You Most Want To Work With & Convert Them Into Clients Without A Website, A Blog Or Wasting Time Posting All Over Social Media…

Fast forward 5 years and I’ve spent over one million dollars in paid advertising and have personally overseen the creation and implementation of 1,500 ads created by my clients working in every health or fitness niche you can imagine (including the impossible to advertise in niches: sex and weight loss).

I’ve created training after training for my clients and showed them exactly how to use Facebook ads to drip new clients into their business daily. In fact….

...my client's biggest problem right now is keeping up with their fast-growing audience and Facebook group. They simply have too many qualified prospects and they can’t keep up.

We’ve had hundreds of clients apply what we’ve taught them which opened up the floodgates to a growing audience, email list, and Facebook group… all qualified leads who have the problem that they solve.

And they’ve been able to do it despite the strict guidelines and harsh terms of service governing all health, coaching and fitness businesses.

9 times out of 10, our clients, who have no tech experience and a very low budget have been able to grow their audience from zero people to hundreds or even thousands in just a few months without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. 

A consistently growing audience equals a consistent client base.

So when I heard the attendees on my Facebook LIVE complaining because they didn’t know how to grow their audience and get clients... 

… I knew it was time for us to fix this problem and so I compiled hundreds of hours of training and created a comprehensive Facebook & Instagram Ads system for the health and fitness industry.

The Complete System To Facebook & Instagram Advertising For
Health & Fitness Professionals.

Over the past 5 years we’ve (me and my team, specifically me and Laura Wood) have invested tens of thousands of dollars to learn the Facebook advertising platform and we’ve worked with some of the biggest ad agencies on the internet. 

And although we learned from the best in the industry, we had to figure out how to make the tactics and strategies work for us and our clients because we’re in the health and wellness industry and it’s just harder for us to advertise online. 
What we didn’t know then was that Facebook has dramatically tightened up the advertising rules for our industry. The compliance regulations for the health and fitness industry are tight, much more strict than other industries so when you violate them because you are not trained to read legal jargon, Facebook shuts down your ad account… stopping your ability to grow your audience and to get clients.

After working directly with our high-level clients to help them rapidly scale their audiences and get clients through the principles we worked so hard to learn and adapt to our industry, we’ve accumulated hundreds of case studies of practitioners, coaches, and fitness professionals just like you who’ve been able to use the Facebook advertising platform to grow their business in record time.
So, if you have ever…
  • Wondered how you’re going to get clients because you don’t have an audience, meaning, no email list, no Facebook group, and no social media following
  • Think you shouldn’t start using ads yet because you don’t have a program or a service to sell
  • Are waiting until you get some client experience before you start to advertise 
  • ​Have already spent money on ads and it didn’t work 
  • ​Have a website and are publishing content hoping that it works 
  • ​Are deathly afraid of tech and wasting your money 
  • ​Have an agency running your ads for you
  • ​Wondering if there is an easier way to grow an audience and get clients because you’re starting to get burnt out 

… Then what we have created IS for you.

For the first time in the alternative health, coaching, and fitness industry there’s a step-by-step course, that walks you through (from start to finish) how to set up and use the Facebook and Instagram advertising platform to grow your audience and get clients.
This complete system is responsible for… 
  • Growing email lists and Facebook groups from zero to thousands in just a couple of months
  • Registering hundreds and thousands of people for webinars
  • Increasing webinar show up rates from 10% to 20% 
  • ​​Recovering Facebook ad accounts that have been shut down for violating the terms of service 
  • ​Recovering Facebook personal accounts that have been shut down for violating the terms of service 
  • ​Booking sales calls with qualified prospects 
  • ​This system works in every single alternative health and fitness niche you can think of…

… even if you work inside one of the dozens of niches that need to use words that violate Facebook’s ads policies. 
Words like:

...Weight loss
...Slim down
...Repair, fix, heal, support
...Mama, mom, dad, woman, man etc
...Any medical name
Using these worlds could get your Facebook advertising account shut down so how do you market a weight loss program without saying weight loss, or slim down, or fat? 

Well, it means that you’ve got to get creative with the ad copy and we’ve become experts in creatively writing ad copy that gets approved and that converts. 

If you’re just a little bit curious about this course take a look...

The Complete System To Facebook & Instagram Advertising For Health & Fitness Professionals Includes:
A complete breakdown of the Facebook and Instagram advertising platform so that you understand each section with step-by-step follow-along instructions (with templates, checklists, and guides) so that you can set up your account correctly and so that your ads get approved on the first try.

The modules include:

Set Your Account Up For Success:
The Facebook ads account dashboard looks like a NASA control centre… we make the setup process super simple for you with step-by-step instructions and over-the-shoulder screen capture videos so you can follow along to easily and quickly complete your account setup (and we’ll be updating them when the dashboard changes because it will).

Introduction To Advertising On FB & Insta
Set Up Your Advertising Account Up Properly
Set Up Your Facebook & Instagram Pages Properly
Proper Pixel Set Up
The Do’s & Don’ts Of Facebook Advertising

You’ll love how easy it will be for you to set up your Business Manager using our instructions.
Compliance & Industry Specific Rules: 
Before you pick an ad photo or create a line of ad copy, you MUST know the Facebook rules and understand how to play within them. Being a good ad citizen will earn you brownie points and give you the flexibility to push the envelope a little bit once you’ve been on the platform for a while.

Overall FB Terms Of Service & The Importance Of Playing By The Rules
The Do’s & Don’ts For Business Promotion & Your Personal Page (CRITICAL)
Opt-In Page General Compliance (Do’s & Don’ts)
How To Generate Goodwill
Industry-Specific Terms Of Service Guidelines For Health & Fitness
Complaint VS Non-Compliant Ads With Examples
Checklist Of ‘Do Not Use’ Words
Checklist Of ‘Do Not Use’ Images, Domains & Phrases
How To Create A Profitable Ad Campaign:
Instead of throwing money down the toilet, go through this section carefully so you can use our step-by-step strategy to put together a profitable ad campaign that grows your audience and gets you clients.

How To Pick Campaign Goals
The 3 Objectives You Should Be Using To Run Your Ad Campaigns
How To Pick An Objective
The Backend Setup For Each Objective
The Audience Attraction Method: 
Don’t let those conversion numbers fool you, just because you’re growing your email list and Facebook group doesn’t mean it’s with the right prospects. You’ll use our Audience Attraction Method to ensure that your ads get in front of the people you want to work with the most so that you can convert them into clients quickly.

What Is An Ad Audience
Facebook Audience Demographics & Targeting Options
Audience Attraction Brainstorm & Tracking
Non-Industry Specific Targeting (outside of the box thinking)
The Anatomy & Set Up Of Your Ad Campaign:
Now you’re ready to start building your ads but before you do, make sure that you know how to create an attraction based ad that’s going to convert using our proven ad copy templates, our proven landing page templates, and our email templates.

This is where we walk you through how to set up and create your very own ad campaign.

The Overall Campaign Structure Walkthrough
Ad Structure Walkthrough (Image, Copy, Headline, etc)
Landing Page Walkthrough
The DFY Templates
The Submission Process & How To Get It Approved
Compliance Checklist
Track & Measure For Low Lead Cost & High Conversions:
Because you didn’t go to school to become a NASA engineer, we’ve dramatically simplified the Business Manager dashboard for you so that you can easily track, evaluate and change your ad campaigns based on the results you’re getting. 

The one thing you need to know about using the Facebook ad platform is that it is NOT a set it and forget situation. You must test, track and change your ads frequently in order to keep the ad cost down and conversions high.

Overview & Set Up Of The Dashboard
The Red, Yellow, Green Method For Budgeting
How To Track & Evaluate Based On Campaign Goals
What Changes To Make To Your Ads Based On The Metrics Collected & Budget
The 48 Hour Ad Check: 
Now is the exciting part where you’ve submitted your ad, it’s been approved and you watch it for 48 hours to see what happens. You need to know whether it’s a go or a dud (but it shouldn't be if you are using our templates). The first 48 hours of an ad going live is a critical time where you decide what to do next.

The Initial Evaluation
Tracking Metrics In The Morning
Using The Daily Metric Tracker & What Those Number Mean
Let It Ride:
Now your ads are running and now is when things start to get interesting and fun. Using the Red, Yellow, Green Method For Budgeting you’ll decide how to proceed with your ads. Either you can let them ride and generate leads or you can modify them using the system we’ve given you.

Daily Ads Tracker & Decision Making
Scaling Your Ads
WAIT, THERE’S MORE… I’m not done helping you grow your audience and get clients just yet.
Done For You Advertising Copy Mastery: 
Discover How To Quickly Write Ads That Convert
(Even if you’re not a good writer)
After writing and editing hundreds of ads for our clients we’ve discovered the winning formula for Facebook ad copy that works no matter what your niche is, meaning your ad gets approved and attracts the people you want to work with.

When you’re in health and fitness you have to learn how to say what you want to say without saying it so that your ad doesn’t violate the Terms Of Service. 

We’re breaking down each part of the copy creation process and telling you exactly what to write so that you’re not sitting there staring at a blinking cursor or throwing your computer against the wall because another ad did not get approved, again.

PLUS, you get TWO written-for-you ad templates that you can use and customize as needed. 
Trust me…

When you use this copy template, you will see an increase in conversions and it will reduce the number of ads you need to write. Frankly, with these DFY templates, I don’t see how you can fail, unless you don’t ever use them.


The Success Of Our Clients Is Proof That Our System Works.
So if these clients, who started out with zero audience and zero clients, some of them didn’t even have a Facebook Business page when they started can do it, so can you.

I’m still not done helping you…

BONUS # 1:
DFY Opt-In, Thank You Page & Email Funnel (valued at $597)
There’s a science to setting up a high-converting opt-in page that attracts the people you want to work with. Between writing the headline and the calls to action plus making sure everything on the page is compliant, it could take you days to set it all up and then you still have to write the emails. 

So instead of making you learn how to do it, we’re just giving it all to you.

With this bonus, you have the opportunity to set up your lead magnet funnel (opt-in and thank you page) and follow up emails (immediate response and 1-day later) in just one hour… EVEN IF you have no tech experience.

BONUS # 2:
The ‘BANNED’ Words Checklist (valued at PRICELESS)
Navigating the Facebook Terms Of Service and compliance sections is like trying to study for the bar exam. There’s just so much jargon that it doesn’t even read as English half the time.

Over the years we’ve kept a strict record of the words that get ads disapproved and accounts shut down. We’ve compiled these BANNED words into a straightforward checklist for you and are giving it to you for FREE.

This piece of paper alone is worth the entire price of the course because these are the words TO NEVER USE so if you avoid them, then your ads will get approved without issue.

BONUS # 3:
Advanced Audiences & Retargeting Workshop (valued at $863)
This bonus, when you’re ready for it, is going to blow your mind. There are so many super cool strategies that we’ve mastered over the years when it comes to growing audiences, getting engagement and using our own assets to help us get clients that we wanted to give them to you.

Mostly because we’re nerds and this stuff excites us but also because you’ll use these advanced audience and retargeting strategies when you want to launch and enroll clients on a monthly basis.
WARNING: These strategies are powerful and will cause business growth so use them with care.

I think you’ll agree when I say:

This is a TON of value.

It took me (and Laura) years and tens of thousands of dollars of my own money…
  • Attending courses, conferences and studying Facebook ads, marketing, advertising, buyer psychology, and copy
  • Getting my ad account shut down and recovered not one just once but twice
  • Testing all different kinds of ads, ad copy, images and headlines with hundreds of clients
  • Creating and scaling campaigns that have brought in multi 6-figures in revenue 
And we’ve taken everything we BOTH know about paid advertising and the Facebook & Instagram Ads platform and are giving it to you so that you can copy what we’re doing without having to spend hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars of your own money to learn it. 

Introducing your course instructor 
Laura Wood…
Laura started using Facebook ads in her nutrition business years ago and has since gone on to manage paid traffic for my company with a $30,000/month ad budget. She’s also responsible for overseeing and managing the hundreds of ads that our clients created every single day.

She’s a true nerd when it comes to all things Facebook ads and has become an expert in optimizing and leveraging the Facebook ads platform specifically for health and fitness professionals. 

Between Laura and myself… you are in good hands as we’ve included every single element we use with our clients including over-the-shoulder video walkthroughs, written instructions and templates. 

Get The Complete System To Facebook & Instagram Advertising For Health & Fitness Professionals + All The Bonuses Today
One Payment Of $797 CAD Or 2 Payments Of $447 CAD
I am 100% positive that if you go through the entire system, do the work correctly and spend the budget (at least $500) that you’ll be able to grow your audience. If after you’ve set up your Business Manager and run at least one ad for a minimum of 90 days and have not grown your audience, we’ll give you a full refund. Screenshots of your Business Manager account plus your email list over the 90-day period is required.

The reason this refund policy is so tight is that if you take the time to learn and implement the system this WILL WORK FOR YOU. So the only reason you’d be asking for a refund is that you didn’t do the work and we don’t give refunds for that. 

Ready to take action, grow your audience and get clients? 
Every minute you spend not having your audience building campaign set up equals wasted time, money and impact lost.
I want you to be able to grow your business.

That’s why we’re giving this system to you at a massive discount.

Because in order for you to get clients, you need an audience and using the Facebook advertising platform is the fastest and most consistent way for you to build a qualified audience in 2019 and beyond.

I can’t wait for you to send me screenshots of your approved ads and your growing audience!
Got Questions? Here Are Some Answers.
Q: What if I don’t have a program or service to sell?
A: Whether you have a program or service to sell, it doesn’t matter. Your first and ongoing priority is to grow your audience. You should be consistently growing your audience month after month so that when you do open up enrolment or have a sales campaign like a flash sale or something similar you have an audience that is ready to buy.

So it doesn’t matter if you have something ready to offer your audience or not, you still need the audience.
Q: What if I don’t have any budget?
A: Here’s the truth, if you don’t have a budget to advertise it’s going to take much longer for you to grow an audience and given the current state of the industry you won’t be able to grow an audience fast enough to hit your enrolment goals month after month.

Having a small (like $5/day) budget to start out with is enough. Then once you grow an audience and turn your subscribers and Facebook group members into paying clients you can take some of the revenue generated and reinvest it back into your ads budget but you’ve gotta start somewhere.

Q: I don’t have a Facebook Business page?
A: That’s ok we teach you how to set one up correctly along with the entire Facebook ads platform.
Q: How much should I budget? 
A: That all depends, however much you can. Most practitioners and coaches start off with a $5/day budget for their first campaign. Once you determine your lead cost (how much it costs you buy a lead) then you can determine how much budget you’ll need to hit your audience growth goals each month. You can grow your budget as you make more money.
Q: What if I don’t have an email list or Facebook group setup yet?
A: That’s ok. Everyone starts at zero. This is the very reason why you need to learn how to use Facebook ads now so that you can set up your first lead gen campaign and start to grow your audience. Plus we give you specific templates and the tech to make setting up your email list as simple as possible. 
Q: What if I’m horrible at tech? 
A: How do you know you’re horrible if you haven’t tried it yet? We’ve provided over-the-shoulder screen share videos for every single step in the set up process so all you need to do is watch the video and follow the steps. Easy-peasy. 
Q: Does the course teach you from the very beginning? 
A: Yes! We start from the very beginning… Laura walks you through how to setup your Facebook business page, your ad account and every single step is included so that you can have your first ad campaign up and waiting for approval within a matter of hours. 
Q: I’ve never used Facebook ads before, is this for me? 
A: Yes. We walk you through the entire set up process from the start. This is something you need to have in your toolkit if you’re serious about growing your business. 
Q: I’ve used Facebook ads before, is this for me? 
A: It depends, if you’ve used Facebook ads and didn’t get a return on your investment then yes, this is for you. But if you used Facebook ads and got an ROI that you are happy with then no, I wouldn’t invest into this program, you likely need something more advanced that is specific to scaling your ads.
Get The Complete System To Facebook & Instagram Advertising For Health & Fitness Professionals + All The Bonuses Today
One Payment Of $797 CAD Or 2 Payments Of $447 CAD